We wish it was still summer but with the reality closing in on us that is now fall (gasp!), we want you to know that it's possible that winterizing your pool does not have to be frustrating and time consuming. Here are a few tips to help you and ensure that reopening your pool next year will be a easier and happier experience.

1: Removing all the debris from your pool will prevent algae growth during the winter. Make sure to clean out the skimmer and pump baskets, brush down the sides and floor of your pool, and skim the debris from the surface.

2: Your pool water level should be 4-6 inches below the skimmer so that your pool liner and skimmer will remain in good condition and won't get damaged in the cold. Additionally, chlorinate and shock your pool to kill any bacteria that may develop during the winter. Shock your pool a few days prior putting on your winter cover and finito!

3: Drain your pool lines! You don't want any of your filtering equipment such as your filter, pump or heater to freeze and get permanently damaged. Allow water to drain out and then use a liner vacuum to clean out excess water. If you live in a colder climate, you can additionally pour antifreeze into the pool lines to protect it from freezing weather.

4: Safety is a huge priority when it comes to responsible pool ownership. Make sure you have a safe, durable and tightly sealed cover across your pool for family and pets safety and to prevent any insects from finding shelter in your pool. Ensure that the surrounding pool area is clean and check up on it periodically during the winter months to make sure your cover is secure.